Xtendlife Kiwi-Klenz 60s

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Boost your digestive health with the power of 100% pure New Zealand kiwifruit.

  • Support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • Help naturally remove waste and toxins
  • Manage bloating, indigestion and IBS symptoms

Kiwi-Klenz - Your Immunity Sidekick:

An estimated 70% of your immune system is located in your gut, which is why looking after gut microflora is so important for good health and your body’s defences against illness.

Kiwi-Klenz works directly and indirectly to support the immune system:

+ Contains Livaux®, an extract from gold kiwifruit, which has been clinically shown to reduce cold and flu symptoms in children and older adults.

+ Livaux® also spurs the growth of beneficial bacteria called F.Prau which produces butyrate to help prevent bugs from getting from your digestive system into the rest of your body.

+ Provides specific polyphenols and fibre which help keep pathogenic bacteria in check.

+ Kiwi-Klenz contains added vitamin C and D to give the immune system that extra boost.

Directions For Use: Adults - 2 capsules taken together or 1 capsule twice daily. Take after a meal.