Greenwipes Oil Removal Wipes (100 Sheets)

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Removing grease, oils and sauces from stove tops, microwave, ovens and air fryers can be tough. Cleaning with regular kitchen cloth and detergent can leave you with a dirty grease soaked kitchen cloth that is difficult to clean.

With Greenwipes Oil Removal Wipes, saturated with FDA approved food grade formulation that is lab test proven to kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses, watch as grease, oil and dirt disappear effortlessly without vigorous wiping - for sanitised, squeaky clean and streak free surfaces that smells lemony fresh.

- Kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses
- Cuts through grease & oils effectively
- Perfect for wiping oil, grease, dirt, spills & sauces on stoves, ovens, microwaves, cooking hoods, and kitchen & dining surfaces
- Wipes off clean. Does not leave streaks, marks or residues on surfaces
- Extra Strength Wipe With Aquaknitify Technology
- Eliminates foul smells
- Pleasant Lemon scent

Additional info:
- FDA Approved
- Food Grade
- No-rinse Formula
- No added preservatives
- 100 pieces per canister