Xtendlife VasQFlow 90s

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A potent natural supplement to boost the levels of nitric oxide (NO) which...

  • Improve circulation to prevent cold hands or feet
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Better delivery of oxygen to cells and organs

VasQFlow - A science-backed natural supplement formulated using quality ingredients with proven efficacy in raising nitric oxide levels and balancing blood pressure.

  1. Lift the level of nitric oxide: Low levels of nitric oxide can lead to poor blood circulation and cold hands/feet. VasQFlow contains quality ingredients with proven efficacy in raising nitric oxide levels.
  2. Healthy blood pressure and circulation: Contains nitrates to boost your body’s natural production of nitric oxide, which signals the blood vessels to relax and expand for better circulation.
  3. More oxygen to body cells: Nitric oxide stimulates blood flow and better delivery of oxygen to the body’s cells, promoting healthy organs and functions.


Directions For Use: Adults - take 3 capsules per day with food or as prescribed by your health professional.