Xtendlife Total Balance Women's Premium 210s - by Optimo Foods

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Our anti-aging solution that goes beyond multi-vitamins to support optimal health for men.

  • Formulated to combat the causes of aging
  • Prostate and testosterone support
  • Promote energy, immunity and foundational health

Over the last 20 years we've constantly improved the Total Balance formula, and are delighted to release our latest generation of the product. Key improvements include:

  1. Added Vitamin K2 MK-7 in the form of MenaQ7® for bone and cardiovascular health.
  2. Included CyanthOx®, from wild organic Sea Buckthorn, which can support cardiovascular health, has excellent immune properties and has been shown to stimulate stem cells.
  3. Added Cistanche Tubulosa Stem Extract and Tribulus Terrestris Extract, specifically for male health support.
  4. Replaced Folic acid with natural Folate for improved bioavailability.

Here’s what makes Total Balance Men’s Standard right for you. In every serving you get:

+ Hormonal support for healthy sex drive: Contains Chrysin, a natural flavonoid, shown to help support healthy levels of testosterone in the body which supports sex drive and libido.

+ Prostate support: Prostate problems can increase with age, especially common symptoms such as uncomfortable urination and frequent visits to the bathroom at night. The powerful phytosterols in this formula help support prostate health and function, while nettle extract supports healthy immunomodulation and inflammation management.

+ Male-specific nutrients for health and vitality: With the natural and potent nutrients included in the Total Balance Men’s Standard formula - it’s like getting an additional bottle of male-specific nutrients to help improve your sex drive... support prostate health... and help support healthy testosterone levels - without taking more pills or purchasing additional supplements. You get it all in one.

+ Age-defying nutrients: Potent antioxidants to help fight off the effects of cell aging, premature wrinkles and "old age" health problems. Plus - you get support for healthy cell growth.

+ Complete Nutrient System for optimum cell health: You get 77 potent vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and micro nutrients to feed your cells - at the right time - for cell health and function. Taking the full dose of just 4 tablets per day gives you an affordable formula to support your overall health.


Direction For Use: Adults - 7 tablets per day.

Either take 7 tablets first thing in the morning or split into 2 doses in the morning and later in the day.