Red Seal Activated Charcoal 300mg Support for Purification 45s

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Red Seal Activated Charcoal adsorbs impurities from the digestive system. A natural detoxifier and helpful in cases of bloating and flatulence, to settle and calm the stomach.


  •  Adsorbs impurities from the digestive system
  • A natural detoxifier
  • Helpful in cases of bloating and flatulence
  • Settles and calms the stomach


Directions :

Recommended Adult Dosage: Initially take 2 to 5 capsules, then 2 capsules every 2 hours if required. Do not exceed a total daily dosage of 15 capsules. Children under 12 years of age, only use under the direction of a healthcare professional.

Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Charcoal may interfere with the absorption of medications, so check with your health professional before taking. Ensure adequate fluid intake. Not for long term use.


Ingredients :

EACH CAPSULE CONTAINS: Charcoal powder: 300mg Encapsulating aids. No added: Artificial colours flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.