Kiwigarden Freeze Dried Baby Snacks Cheery Cheesy Bites (No Added Sugar)

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A dairy-licious snack that features our favourite broccoli and delicious NZ dairy. A great way to introduce more veg to the developing tastebuds or enjoy a savoury snack on the go.

With no added sugar and fast dissolving drops, it's a great snack for self-feeding babies or a guilt-free snack for the big kids - and even mum and dad or nana. Let's not forget the 7.5 million tummy-friendly probiotics per serve!

  • New Zealand Organic cheese used.
  • Broccoli is rich in vitamins A, B, C and iron.
  • Provide more comprehensive nutrients and healthy growth.

Suited for toddlers from 8 months + and we can assure you the big kids (including dad and nanna) will want to tuck in too!