Greenwipes Washable Kitchen Towel (50 Sheets)

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About Product :

An alternative to paper Kitchen Towels. Imagine the absorbency of a kitchen towel combined with the durability of a cloth. Reuse it over and over or toss it out when it gets too difficult to clean. It is your ‘attachment-free’ solution for all your wiping needs.


Ever felt guilty for using too much kitchen paper towels? Reduce unnecessary paper waste. Greenwipes Washable Kitchen Towel feels exactly like paper kitchen wipes and absorbs just as well (maybe even better!). 


It is so strong and durable, you can reuse it over and over and withstand up to 5 washes. Just think of it as a hybrid between a kitchen paper towel and kitchen cloth. It is definitely a more hygienic option for a kitchen cloth as it is easy to clean and fast drying to prevent breeding of germs.


Features & Benefits :

  • Reduce Paper Waste - Strong fabric-like material allows you to reuse over and over again. So you cut down on your waste!
  • Reusable & Washable - Can be washed up to 5x for each sheet. Just reuse after every wash!
  • Feels Like Paper Wipes - GreenWipes Reusable Kitchen Towels feel just like paper wipes & absorb just as well!
  • A More Hygienic Option - Easy to clean & fast drying to prevent germs from breeding on your wiping material.