Finery Vodka Sparkling Soda 5%ABV Lemon Myrtle Lime & Black Tea 250ml

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Bracing citrus, delicately bitter black tea, seven times distilled Vodka & Fancy Soda.

The Finest taste and subtly sparkling, pour over ice, with a slice (if you like).

Zero Sugar, Carbs and preservative , 71 Calories per serve. Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. 5% Alcohol Volume.


Made by some very fine people in New Zealand. Finery delivers premium quality cocktails with clean flavours for the health conscious drinker. Each recipe is free from sugar, carbs, gluten and unpasteurised, to capture the taste of every delicious natural element in all its glory. While all, except Ginger and Green Tea, are vegan friendly.

We are on a mission to deliver these, to you, with a lean sustainable business practice, keeping our footprint as small as possible.


Ingredients : Carbonated Water, Vodka, Natural Flavour